Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Conquering the Wish List: #2

My mother would be horrified to know what I was doing right now...

I just got home... twelve minutes ago. I have homework and an exam tomorrow to prepare for tomorrow. And all I can think about is chocolate.

So what do I do instead of cracking the books? Huddle in the kitchen all sneaky-like (as if being covert will hide the fact that I am making cookies) and mix up a cookie dough in what has to be record time. No joke, three minutes flat and I had scratch-made cookies in the oven - talk about breaking a land speed record. I had a glass of milk poured and the mess cleaned up before the oven was done preheating.

But now what?! I still don't have chocolate! The eight minutes it takes to bake up these beauties seems to be an eternity! What do you mean I can't just eat the raw cookie dough by itself and call it a day? (not to say that at least a tablespoon full didn't "accidentally" fall into my mouth on its way to the cookie try...) I mean, there was only one egg in it after all - and I don't even care about salmonella, I just need chocolate in my system. Right. Now.

Oh my gosh that was the oven timer be right back!

Ok. I feel better. More human again.

Avage nectar - the guilt free sweetener
 And afterall, I was checking another wish list item off my list. So this slight procrastination was well worth it. (full list can be found here.)

Back to Consumer Behavior studying.....

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