Monday, November 21, 2011

Peach&Kiwi's Ingredient Wish List

So I have list list you see. A list of ingredients that I depirately want to work with but have either not come across in a grocery store, are not affordable enough for this college student to indulge in (as is usually the case), or I have no idea how to work with such an ingredient. But everyone has a list like this right? Books they want to read, movies they want to see, places they want to go, restaurants they want to try (well, as least I have a restaurant wish list.) Here are a list of ingredients I want to use!

Hibiscus Flowers (for syrup)
Forbidden Rice
Buddha Hand (for Citron Vodka)
Candy Cap Mushrooms
Celery Root
Prickly Pear
Kiwi Berries (different than actual kiwi - event cuter if you can imagine!)
Agave Nectar (it's sitting in my cabinet currently, just need a great way to use it! Maybe for some homemade granola?)
Black Summer Truffles (or black truffle oil)
Lavender (I have experimented some already with fresh lavender in scones and lemonade, but more is needed!)
Papaya Seeds
Pork Belly
Japanese 7 Spice (comprised of ground red chili pepper, ground sansho (more hot peppers), black sesame seeds, dried orange peel, hemp seed, white sesame seeds, ground ginger, and nori)
Passion Fruit

And the list goes on and on. Hopefully I can ask for a few of these for Christmas and there will be some delicious dishes to photograph and blog about during the holiday break, which is quickly approaching! I hope you all have a fabulously delicious and safe Thanksgiving surrounded by your closest family and friends, and be on the lookout later on this week to see how we do Thanksgiving dinner!


  1. I have been wanting to try passion fruit for some time. I have had kumquats though, my mother used to buy them all the time when I was a child.

    Pork belly is a great meat, especially if you get a nice cut.

  2. o wow ive never even herd of most of these things!!