Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Haven't Forgotten About You!!

I am honestly scared to look up the date of my last post... it has been that long ago. I am so ashamed. But so much has been going on that there has not been time for cooking! (Ok, that's not entirely true. There have been a lot of midnight cereal dinners, and 6am microwave oatmeal happening as of late, but that is hardly blog worthy. And trust me, I am no better at taking pictures at those times than I am when I am fully awake.)

A long LONG story short, I have successfully:

  • moved back to my hometown of Cincinnati from my college town of Lexington
  • gotten a new job at not one but two catering companies here in Cincy
  • bought, cleaned, furnished, and updated my very first home (!!!! I move in Sunday!!!)
  • seen my sister off to her first year of college - I have only somewhat come to terms with this 
  • registered for my first semester of culinary classes
  • attended the necessary orientations and uniform fittings (I get my chef coats on Monday!)
  • taken over a nanny position for a family up the street 
  • went on a one week family vacation with the family before everyone went off for another busy year
And those are just the highlights. There has been a lot of painting, cutting grass, shopping for rugs, curtains, and kitchen appliances, and some precious hours spend soaking up some sun by the pool. It has been a busy month, but what a transition year for my family! Shelby is off to college for what promises to be eight (!?) years of study, I am starting culinary school, mom and dad just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, and are empty nesters.... who blinked and let up grow up so quick?!

As soon as I get moved in and established again, I will be able to start cooking some interesting things and posting on a (somewhat) regular schedule.

Thanks for hanging in there folks!