Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not So Halloween Anymore

So, funny story. You know when you have a plan for the day, or what you want to do with the rest of your evening, and get all ready to make such plans happen, and then Life says "actually, I have a different idea" and throws a wrench in your proverbial gears. Which means the post that I was going to publish (included below for your entertainment, as I did really wish you all a Happy Halloween) didn't actually come to fruition. So instead, I'll share with you my very favorite fall breakfast as of late, and say better luck next time.

Whole wheat bagel smeared with cream cheese and homemade pear butter
And here are my Halloween wishes for all of you, belated as they are:
I hope this post finds you all home from trick-and-treating, sprawled out on the floor eating Halloween candy, and already planning your costume for next year. Shocker, this year I was a chef, and answered the door for the trick-or-treaters in my chef coat and pants (which was mostly because I got home twenty minutes after trick-or-treating started in my neighborhood and had no time to change.) A few kids even commented on what I was, so I'll say that I had a successful first Halloween, though admittedly the cold rainy weather kept many ghost, ghouls and goblins from knocking on my door. I am hoping for the hurricanes to abate this time next year.

I chose to personally celebrate my Halloween with a warm, gooey pumpkin cinnamon roll and cup of coffee. You certainly have to try this recipe - I got it from, which, if you don't already know, if basically too good to be true. Each day you get a new picture of something that is almost too delectable to look at, almost, and includes a recipe. I purchased the cookbook when it was first published, which has now found a home on my coffee table as a most wonderfully inspiring conversation piece. It is surprising to be how many people, how claim they cannot cook their way out of a paper bag, pick up this book, or any cookbook that I have undoubtedly lying around at all times, and get excited about what is featured on the page. How many of you fall into that category?