Monday, November 7, 2011

No Daylight Savings Time

So yesterday was when I was supposed to fall back an hour with Daylight Savings time, but who forgot to change her clock? This girl right here. So I was really up at 7 when I most definitely didn't want to be up any earlier than 8 this past Sunday. No wonder I was so tired when my alarm went off.

You would think that the extra hour would equate to an extra hour of productivity - working on papers, finance homework, analyzing survey results, cleaning, you name it, but nope. Once I figured out I was up a whole hour earlier than I needed to be, what did I do? I made myself a mug of tea and surfed food blogs. Happy Daylight Savings Time me!

Unfortunate for me, however, I was highly unmotivated when it came to dinnertime, so I went with an old favorite - pasta! Carbs and I are thick and thieves, by far my favorite food group, so pasta is a nice item to have in the cupboard. I paired my homemade chunky mushroom pasta sauce with a fall inspired salad (pear slices, edamame, tender spring greens, and a pomegranate vinaigrette) and started planning my next meal.


  1. I like knowing I'm not the only one who just likes some plain pasta with marinara (out of a bottle) every once in a while. Pile on the parmesean, I say.

  2. Oh no, I will never be too good for pasta a marinara sauce. It's like country music and grandmas, they never get old.

  3. Edamame and pears?! thats so unique and fanciful!!!

  4. That's part of the fun of playing with your food. I literally settled on that combination because I had both in the fridge and thought they would both be pretty in a salad together. I am always encouraging people to go with what they know. If you love trail mix for instance, and are craving a cookie, mix some trail mix into a basic cookie dough. Or if you have some shredded cabbage you need to use (like I do, leftover from last week's cabbage soup) braise and spice it like you would peppers and onions and wrap it up in a tortilla for a burrito. Not only are you not wasting then, but each time you try something new you're building your repertoire of recipes.