Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oldies but Goodies

I realized I have had been holding out on you all! I had a blog before this one, so that makes this blog PeachandKiwi 2.0! But why shouldn't I share some blogs that I have, well, blogged in the past? (I guess my verbs are slightly limited in this instance.) Here is a sweet treat from a while back. Enjoy!

A Hostess Gift
As you all know, I am a college student currently pursuing my Management Degree with my eye on three culinary degrees as soon as humanly possible. I am awfully anxious to become a chef… or at least some sort of force in the culinary world. But while being out on my own (getting myself up, grocery shopping and laundry, working a few jobs here and there plus a full course load, maintaining relationships and balancing work and play…) I have had no trouble taking care of myself due to the wonderful efforts of my mom when I was still at home and under her watchful eye. So this post is only a small tribute to her. And one of the many wondrous lesson she taught me was never show up without a hostess gift. This post is of course dedicated to one of the tastiest hostess gifts I’ve ever given.

I really like to give edible gifts when it is appropriate because it shows that you put some effort into thinking about what your host’s tastes are or what they would savor as a treat. Quick breads are one of my favorites to gift, anything from fruit based ones like banana nut or cranberry walnut, to more savory unique ones like beer cheese bread or peanut butter. Drop and bar cookies are a good choice too because they travel well. Shortbread is a great classic, along with chocolate chip or peanut butter (but remember to consider allergies!) Or, if you want to cater to a more eclectic group of people, try an off the wall combination, like chipotle and apricot, or salted caramel. Plus, you get to play around in the kitchen, what could be better than that?!

Over winter break I was able to do some traveling to visit friends and my boyfriend’s family, and of course I had numerous yummy treats tucked in my bag to show someone that I truly appreciate their hospitality. And I decided to make huge vanilla cupcakes and customize them with various toppings and decorations in order to cater to the different tastes I of my very gracious hosts. There is a caramel with vanilla frosting, orange marmalade with homemade whipped cream, peanut butter and chocolate glaze (since I am convinced that this is the most heavenly combination as of late,) simple chocolate glaze and miniature chocolate chip on vanilla frosting, and to lighten up the mix, a whipped cream and fruit topped cupcake.Remember these are jumbo cupcakes, so my hosts could enjoy these as dessert… or a meal! Thanks mom! For teaching me to be a gracious guest, and for your kitchen. 


  1. I am catching up on my reading of my "favorite" food blog. Ah, Katie, you are a treasure! You are always welcome to cook in "our" kitchen.

  2. Thanks Mom! I appreciate all of my loyal readers and fans. And I plan on tearing up your kitchen something fierce once break starts. I miss your waffle iron, doughnut pan, mixer, and immersion blender!

  3. This looks SO yummy! I'm sure it won you big points with the boyfriend's family!! ;)