Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 Things that Make me Terribly Happy

This is a beautiful time of the year - leaves are turning, crunching under your feet as you (or rather, I) walk to class every morning. It is cool in the morning, cool enough to wrap your fingers around a mug of hot tea, but warm enough in the afternoon to shed your jacket and be warmed in the sunshine. These feelings of complete and utter joy, accompanied with my recent surfing on my numerous favorite food blogs, I am borrowing the very smart idea of sharing my favorite parts of this time of year to help encourage you to take a moment to do the same. Maybe that can be the topic of conversation at dinnertime, like it was in my apartment tonight!

So onto 10 things that make me happy this time of year:

10. How pumpkin flavored everything is both appropriate and tasty.
9. I no longer run the risk of my make-up melting off my face throughout the day.
8. As soon as I come home from class, I throw open my windows and enjoy the fresh air and
7. How Earl Grey tea seems to taste better when you can see your breath.
6. I just stumbled upon roller skating as exercise; effective and fun.
5. My family is coming for a visit this weekend! And that is always a reason for happiness.
4. Visits to farmers markets, orchards, festivals, and pumpkin patches and capping off the trip by sticking your head through the funny cutouts and taking pictures.
3. I can now wear my dark purple nail polish that makes me feel edgy and sweet at the same time.
2. Soups, stews, mac n' cheese, muffins, quick bread, cinnamon rolls, hot cocoa, and all those other yummy fall foods I have been indulging in.

and the number 1 thing that makes me more than ecstatic this time of year:
Thanksgiving!! A holiday completely devoted to food, is on the way! I holiday where Mommaw and I can just cook and laugh and cook some more for a good two days! But more on this a little later.

By the way, sorry for excruciatingly long time it took me to post again, I was on a conference for my school Student Government all the way in Rhode Island! Talk about exciting! It was a technology conference (and I know you can't tell from my expert blogging ability (chuckles to self) but I am the last person to adopt any piece of technology) but I had a fabulous time! Networking, representing my university and Student government program we were there to present, and getting to know, through a delayed flight and another delayed one getting home, my fellow colleagues, I had a blast! I could go on conferences every weekend, what fun! Especially if they are in such quaint towns as Scenic Newport, Rhode Island.


  1. Rhode Island is gorgeous, hope you had a great time, any food experiences from your conference?

  2. Rhode Island IS gorgeous! The hotel we were in for the conference was right on the water, overlooking the sailboats and harbor, swoon! The town we were in was precious too, all cobblestone streets and mom and pop shops and restaurants. I am already planning a trip back there PRONTO!

    As far as the food is concerned, I mainly stuck with the seafood - when in Rome (Rhode Island!) The only item I really wanted to try but didn't get to was a Lobster Roll. My aversion to mayonnaise was too powerful, plus it seems wasteful to put such beautiful lobster meat into a butter bun with a ton of mayo. Ick. I want to make my own spin on the classic with roasted garlic, shallot, and tarragon infused olive oil. Yumm!

    All in all, I did go for the whole lobster, a dessert the size of my head, and a nice duck dinner one night, so certainly no complaint from me!