Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Me!

I know what you all are thinking - Valentine's Day was two weeks ago, what in the world is wrong with you.  But I wanted to share this meal with you regardless of how tardy I was with actually posting the pictures. It was THAT delicious.

I was my own Valentine this year. That being said, my dad sent me some beautiful red roses, along with a box of chocolates (which are already gone or else I would add a picture of those at the bottom,) and a baby teddy bear, all of which were delivered while I was making dinner. Awww!

Funny fact about buttermilk - the stuff stays fresh forever! I bought some a few weeks ago to bake cupcakes with and was a little afraid of what I would find when I opened it up after I unearthed it from the back of our fridge. But behold! It was just as fresh as when I bought it. Yea!!! 

I used leftover Total cereal (yes, I am just like a grandma when it comes to my cereal selections - shredded wheat are my absolute favorite) seasoned with spicy chiotle powder as breadcrumbs for my chicken cutlet, which I dredged in (the forever fresh) buttermilk. I then seared this on both sides to make it crisp and crunchy, and finished it off in the oven while smiling uncontrollably at how happy I was I had come up with this idea on the spot. Just because no one took me to dinner of Valentine's Day doesn't mean I shouldn't eat a nice meal right?

I served this deliciously spicy and sweet cutlet with a peach and jalapeno pan sauce, roasted sweet potatoes, which I left the skin on because it doesn't bother me, and sauteed spinach with mushrooms, garlic, and white wine, topped with a shave of Parmesan cheese. Being single really isn't that bad; it certainly is tasty.


  1. This looks delisious! What's your best vday story (funny or romantic)?

    1. Let's see here - I don't have a lot of romantic stories at all, since I rock out the singles' train pretty darn well, but a funny story that comes to mind was from last year. I had just broken up with my boyfriend a few weeks before Valentine's Day (actually, the weekend of my birthday) and, bless his heart, my dad sent me this ginormous bouquet of flowers to my dorm room, complete with vase and everything, with a note that said that he loved me and that I deserved no one less than Prince Charming. It was so incredibly thoughtful and sweet, and come to find out, he sent flowers to every women in his life that Valentine's Day, so my mom, sister, and both my grandmas. I guess it has become a tradition because, lo and behold, I received red roses on this Valentine's Day too. I will be lucky if I find a man that is half as great as my dad.