Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

I thought I would take a blog post to tell you a little bit about myself. Though I do enjoy being "a riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma," (quoted from one of my favorite hows ever - Will and Grace) I wanted to break down the walls of secrecy slightly and tell a little more than what you can already deduce: I love everything that has to do with food!

I was recently poking through some new food blogs and came across this one, who gave me the idea to share a little more about myself. Here are the questions that she asked - 
  1. What made you laugh this week?  The notepads my mom gave me for Valentine's Day, which said "Advice from a Squirrel: 1. Be Active 2. Go out on a Limb 3.Plan Ahead 4.It's OK to be a little Nuts" Check them out over here!
  2. If you were a dog, what breed would you be? A Sheltie, I have two cuties at home and I miss them terribly! If you want to see a picture, check them out over here (scroll all the way to the bottom.)
  3. What book–any type–do you recommend most right now? I made a New Year's Resolution to myself to read The Bible, and I am giving myself a year to do it, so I have been working diligently on that. On the side, however, I just finished The Making of a Chef, which traces the life of a chef as he goes through the Culinary Institute of America's degree program. It was FABULOUS, and lent it to someone who claims he is a non-cook and he enjoyed it as well.
  4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Stewed pinto beans, cornbread, kale, and home grown tomatoes and cucumbers (I may have been asked this a time or two before, I was ready with my answer.)
  5. Team Gale or Team Peeta? I have no idea what this is referring to, so moving on...
  6. What’s your go-to recipe? Quick bread: banana walnut, cranberry orange, pumpkin cinnamon; you name the combination, I love quick bread!
  7. What’s your favorite color highlighter to use? Blue! Though I used to be a staunch yellow highlighters only kind of girl 
  8. Are you superstitious? Not really. I step on all the cracks I want, but have a lucky pair of panties.
  9. What sparked your commitment to healthy living (food &/or fitness)? I was a chubby kid, but was active so wasn't unhealthy, just was too young to understand nutrition and calories and all those things.  Then in the eighth grade, I decided I didn't want to be "pleasantly plump" and took control of my health. I brought my lunch to school every day, danced and swam more, and no longer drank soda or juices. A few years later, here I am balancing all my meal, drinking water, and exercising five times a day.
  10. What was your favorite childhood stuffed animal / blanket named? I had a stuffed alligator named Mr. Chomp Chomp.
  11. What’s your favorite color to wear? Pink! I have a ton of pink.
And here are a few more:
  1.  Almond Butter or Peanut Butter? Peanut Butter - it is a good group in my world.
  2.  What made you smile today? Today I smiled at how well my "soup of leftovers" came out. A little salsa, grilled chicken, black beans, and jalapenos, and I had dinner.
  3.  What’s the last thing you do before falling asleep? Read a few verses of the Bible and say a prayer.
  4.  Treadmill or elliptical? Elliptical every time, though I would much rather swim laps.
  5.  Favorite piece of jewelry? I love pearls, and I am especially excited for the pearl ring my mom and dad gave me for my 21st birthday. It should be finished this weekend so I will be happy to share a picture once I pick it up.
  6.  First thing (not a person or pet) you’d save if your house was on fire? 
  7.  If you have a smartphone, what’s your most-used app? I do have a smartphone!!! (a few more !!!! just for excitement) I love the Google App (so I can access Google Docs and my two additional Google Calendars), Words with Friends (my sister has beaten me all but twice), and MyFitnessPal (so I can track my calories and physical activity.)
  8.  Which of your family members are you closest to? Oh my gosh - totally my mom, sister, and grandma all together.
  9. Would you rather shave your head or get a tattoo of a baby elephant on your leg? Oh my gosh really? I can't believe this was one of the questions. I guess shave my head, at least that isn't permanent, though I think I will stay away from the shavers and the tattoo shops.
  10. If you work out, what time is ideal for you? Of course I work out! In the morning, right when I get up. The gym isn't crowded, I can take a moment to stretch before and after my workout, and then shower and be done with it for the day. I always feel so accomplished afterwards and I can just concentrate on homework or studying in the evening.
  11. Sweet or savory? Sweet. Every time.
What do you want to ask?


  1. (you missed #6 on the bottom)

    i'd ask, what are your dogs' names? where did they get the names? (I LOVE pet stories, I used to foster animals!)

  2. Whoops! I did forget to answer a question, sorry about that.

    First of all, as you may know, I have two pups of my own, named Star and Misti. They are nine years old now (their birthdays were on the 8th and 13th of February) and are Shelties. Misti is my sister's, and is five days younger than my dog, Star. We found them at different breeders, but upon examining their family trees found out that their great great grandpa was the same dog, so that makes them... relations of some sort. They certainly act like sisters.

    Back to the question at hand. If I couldn't go back into my burning house for family or pets (because they are safe and sound outside) I would probably go back for my notebooks full of recipes, notes and flavor combinations, business ideas, and the initial start of my very own business plan. I've kept these ideas for a few years now and would want to not start from scratch.

  3. O, i wanna play!

    1. what's ur favorite color? any particular reason?
    2. ur fav memory from...when you were sixteen? (picked a random age, lol)
    3. an inside joke that you share with ur sister? how did it come about?

  4. Oh great questions!

    1. Cobalt blue, but really blue of any shade. My only qualification while we were shopping around for my first car was that it had to be blue actually. I also want a cobalt blue sash around the waist of my wedding dress (knocks out the "something blue" requirement.)
    2.Gosh, sixteen seems like so long ago... I already had my temps, but at sixteen I was able to start driving on my own (after I passed the driving test, which I had to wait two whole days to take because my sixteenth birthday fell on a Sunday and the License Bureau doesn't test on Mondays -- and let me assure you that those were the longest two days OF MY LIFE.) So I would say getting my license... at sixteen and two days old!
    3. Oh my goodness, my sister and I have a MILLION inside jokes, and I'm almost positive that that is not an exaggerated number either. The one that comes to mind was from three years ago, while we were on a bus travelling to Venice, Italy from Austria on a three week tour of Europe. As I am sure you can imagine, the bus ride was something like seven hours long, so we were pretty stir crazy. She and I are writing notes back and forth on a notepad because a lot of people around us are sleeping and we didn't want to disturb them. Out of pure frustration and boredom I write, out of the blue, "Shoot me. In the face. Right now!" And we both got a kick out of it, dissolving into a fit of giggles. I think we resolved to start taking crazy pictures of each other after that and, lo and behold, we made it there in one (somewhat insane) piece. We still bring this phrase up when we are in a situation that seems to be just too much to handle, and it always makes us laugh.

    Thanks so asking!

  5. What a coincidence, I was just looking through this list of questions: with my friend, so I'll just pick some of the ones i think are interesting:

    1 What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?
    2 What is your favorite body part?
    3 Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?
    4 What story does your family always tell about you?
    5 What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

    1. Great questions!

      1. According to my iTunes, the song I listen to most is "I Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas, which is appropriate because I do love that song. I have listened to it 95 times.
      2. I really love my hair, because it's naturally curly and I never have to do anything to it to make it look good. Just jump out of the shower, air dry, and I am good to go with great curls and body. I feel lucky every morning as my roommates straighten their hair and I can spend that time lingering over a cup of tea.
      3. I have been told a few times before that I look like Kathryn Grayson, which I can see in this picture (
      4. My sister loves to tell this story about this dream I had a few years ago, while I was still at home. I am known for my off the wall, what the heck dreams, but this one, to this day, takes the cake. I dreamed that my sister and I were home alone in the summertime, and I was making lemonade out of the lemonade powder you buy at the grocery. But I was making this lemonade in the garage. Strange, yes. What makes it stranger was the fact that as soon as I had it mixed up, it exploded and blew off the south end of the house! My sister came out of the now smaller house and asked what the heck I did, a valid question, and all I could say was "Don't tell mom!"
      5. This is another great question! The most recent occasion which made me a better person was just last week. My grandma had to be hospitalized for a routine (but just as terrifying) procedure and I wigged out the. entire. time. I was calling my mom every other hour to get updates, and was ready to jump in the car at a moment's notice just in case, but what made me a better person was not only the fact that I got through it, but the fact that I prayed multiple times every day in order to get through it. And this, I felt, helped not only me but my grandma too.

  6. I'm glad ur grandma is okay! & I totally wish I had curly hair mine wont hold curls hardly ever. This is such a cool idea for a post, here are some of my questions:

    1. What are some of ur favorite subjects in school (besides business and cooking, of course)? Slash, what are some of ur other hobbies?
    2. Have u done anything crazy since turning 21? Any fun stories yet??
    3. If u could throw a party, what would it be like and what would it be for?

    1. I am so glad you like this post idea! Yep, my dad has curly hair, which is where I get it - and he claims he doesn't know anything about women's fashion when he's the one I thank for my curly hair.

      1.I always loved math! As dorky as it sounds, math homework was always the first thing I wanted to get started on when I got home from school, and I thoroughly enjoyed the few math classes that I was required to take here for business school (though I never did get the hang of accounting, thank goodness my mom could help me through those prerequisites!) Algebra is my absolute favorite.
      2. I am lacking in the typical "turning 21" crazy stories, though I have bought a bottle of wine or two to cook with, which has been an exciting added element to my cooking!
      3. Any party that I throw in centered around food, which is probably why I am dying to throw a themed dinner party. I have had friends over for dinner, dessert, or brunch a few times, but now that I have my new dishes and a few more gadgets and spices to work with, so I am anxious to host a "for real" dinner party. I think I would center my first one around a holiday, or the coming of spring!

  7. Are you doing anything special for the oscars tonight? A fun food party?

    1. I made mocktails! Try this at home, it's delicious!

      splash ginger ale
      splash pomegranate juice (the one I used has blackberry juice in it too)
      juice of half of a lime
      lots of ice!

  8. who doesn't have a lucky pair of panties? it's a complete necessity. ;)

  9. What's one of your favorite childhood memories involving food? And one involving your sister/other family? And one in general?

    1. Great questions! Thanks for asking. Let's see here:

      1. My by far favorite memory involving food was probably one of my first forays into the kitchen with my grandma, way back when I was only four or five. We were baking in her nice open country-home kitchen and she was teaching me how to measure brown sugar (how you have to pack it into the measuring cups and not just scoop it out like regular sugar.) Well I measured out my sugar, obviously getting it all over my hands and arms, and when we went to the sink to wash up, there was no water! Unknown to us a water main had ruptured a few houses down, thus cutting Mommaw's house off from water. As a loss as to what to do with this child covered in brown sugar, she took a Diet Pepsi, probably the closest thing available, and washed the sugar off my hands that way. I thought it was so neat that I got to wash my hands with soap and soda!
      2. I have already shared one of my favorite memories involving my sister (see above, about when we went to Europe) but another memory that comes to mind immediately also comes from my grandma's house. Boppaw had built this pond on the back of their property and filled it with little bluegills and such for my sister and I to fish out with our Barbie and Lion King fishing poles. We were out fishing with him and Shelby had caught a little fish (we used to call them Pumpkin Seeds because they were shaped and colored just like a pumpkin's seed... and not much bigger) and she reeled it in for Boppaw to take off the hook. As soon as he had a hold of it, however, the fish decided that that would be the opportune time to relieve himself... only my grandpa's sweatshirt. Shelby was so appalled, and only able to say, "Boppaw!? Is the fish PEEING on you?!" We still have pictures that often circulate on family holidays from that day.
      3. And finally, a general memory. I'll tell you about one of my most prized accomplishments in my life. I took AP English my senior year of high school and had a really challenging teacher, Mr. Clutter. Now, Clutter, or T. Clutt as we so affectionately called him when he wasn't around, was an exceptional teacher, by far the best one I have ever had, and is the sole reason why I was prepared for college. He pushed us harder than I think I have every been pushed, including in college, and demanded a level of perfection that even I had trouble maintaining. We had a term paper due at the end of the year, and I stayed up until 2am every day for a week straight to write it, meaning I went for a week straight on three hours of sleep a night. It was on the life and works of Lord Byron, and I had never, to this day, worked so hard on an assignment. I eat, slept, breathed Lord Byron until I finally turned in that paper with a sigh of relief (and exhaustion.) When I got the paper back, I had earned an A on it, and I was never, ever so proud for a grade in my life. Why? Because I felt that if I had ever earned a grade in my life, it was on that paper.