Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Things that are Pains in the Butt at the Time...

... but are totally worth it in the end include:

1. Flossing
2. An extra 30 minutes of studying before an exam
3. Singing Happy Birthday the loudest at every party
4. Laundry
5. Rereading a 21 paper one more time before printing it out
6. Washing your face before heading to bed

aaaaand.... boning a chicken.

Why is it that necessary life skills, such as learning how to drive without taking out mailboxes and little old ladies with walkers, or getting yourself up to go to work and class on time, no longer include how to properly prepare a chicken for roasting? I mean there are a million ways and counting to prepare chicken, but a good old roasted chicken is almost impossible to beat. The epitome of comfort food, a classic at its finest if prepared with care, you just can't go wrong. But yet, I got the hair-brained notion that boning a chicken and then stuffing it would be a great idea for something different for dinner last night, and by golly, bone a chicken I did. Armed with a few last minute refreshers watching YouTube videos, and my handful of experiences in the past, I dug in with my ultra sharp boning knife and (finally!) came out on top. Talk about a victory in the making.

I stuffed my now boneless bird with a cornbread stuffing, dotted with toasted walnuts, Craisins, rosemary, and fresh lemon zest. This was a play off our traditional Thanksgiving Day dressing, and goes to show that knowing a few base techniques will take you anywhere you need to go. My chicken turned out moist, succulent, complete with crispy skin and no finicky bones to mess with. And the best part? Finally eating the bane of my existence for a whole 34 minutes.

I pair my perfectly prepared poultry with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, braised kale greens, and rosemary gravy. Good thing my dad was feeling better (for the first times in days, poor guy has been sick with the flu for a good week now) because he himself said he would have been sorry to miss this dinner. I only aim to please - and to remind a chicken or two who is boss.

I had some melted chocolate left over from making biscotti the other day and, not having the heart to throw it out (as that seems like a sin to me) I allowed it to harden again until I thought of something creative to do with it. When life gives you melted chocolate, dip something healthy in it and call it dessert.

Dark chocolate dipped orange and clementine segments, topped with toasted almonds.


  1. I have never boned a chicken before. it sounds really complicated, but kudos to you and thanx for sharing

  2. It really isn't that bad, just time consuming. Like I said, it took a good half hourbut as long as you understand the method you're good to go. Just watch a few youtube videos before you weild your knife. It is so worth the work and so fun to slice into after roasted.