Tuesday, December 13, 2011

(Secret) Santa like Oreos

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to make homemade presents - birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, you name it, I want to make a homemade present for whomever we are celebrating. I get teased sometimes about being a Martha Stewart-in-training (I am not so pleased with this) - I just think homemade presents mean a lot more than something plucked off a shelf. That being said, when the Student Government Executive Team decided to have a Secret Santa gift exchange, I thought I would whip up some cookies or brownies, because who doesn't enjoy some sweets the week before finals? But with so many recipes I have been wanting to try, how was I going to decide which one to choose?! I instead went with an oldie but a goodie, and landed on a homemade Oreos recipe that I've used before and turned out beautifully.

I am one of the messiest bakers I know - good think I have patient roomies that tend to avoid the kitchen when I am in there!

Beginning the frosting process - which is much more fun whilst listening to Christmas carols!

The stovetop is not just for cooking anymore...

Oreos galore!
Finished homemade Oreos! My Secret Santa was oh so surprised!
For all of you battling finals this week or next, good luck, and treat yourself with a baked goodie when you get A's on all your exams, papers, and projects!


  1. Oh, YUM. Do you mind sharing the recipe?

  2. Sure! I used this recipe. Happy baking!