Thursday, December 8, 2011

Studying for Finals has Officially Begun!

Well, as of last night I started studying. I have unintentionally taken over the living room that I am supposed to be sharing with my two roommates in order to start the laborious process that is studying for my cumulative Corporate Finance final. Doesn't even sound fun does it? makes me grimace just thinking about it. And that is completely ignoring my Business Law final - thank goodness these are the only two I am really worried about. But regardless, this is what my poor roommates, bless their patient souls, have to come home to today...

At least we have our Christmas tree up and lit! Hopefully that will distract them from the increasingly horrifying finance mess on the other side of the room.

But today is not a lost cause by any means. Actually, this time next week I will be footloose and finance free, so here's to looking on the bright side. It is a beautiful sunny day, the first all week, and it's not even that cold outside so I could indulge in a lunch that was not piping hot in order to ward off the cold today, (not that I am shunning my wonderful soups in the fridge, how I love you so, but a girl needs some variety!) And the very fact that I have the time to eat lunch today is Christmas miracle - it will be the first time all week! I must stop scheduling meetings through my lunch break... note to self for next semester. Anyway, I made a Christmas inspired salad! 'Tis the season afterall.

Notice the colors! GREEN spinach, RED apples, cranberries, and pomegranate vinaigrette,  and then orange segments and toasted walnuts just because I like them.

Getting ready to segment my orange using Mommaw's technique.

Why yes, I did take advantage of the sunlight streaming through my window to get at least a decent picture of this gorgeous salad! Don't judge, it's called resourcefulness. I enjoyed this salad with a toasted slice of my yeasted pumpkin bread - teaser! More of this wholesome loaf later.

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