Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pizza of a Sweeter Persuasion

My 21st birthday is in one short week and, while preparing myself mentally for the stark reality of turning one year older, I have been making plans that will help me celebrate such a momentous occasion. I have decided to go home my actual birthday, which just so happens to conveniently fall on a Saturday, to spend with my family. We will be dining at McCormick & Schmick's which, so I've heard, is a fabulous fresh and locally proud seafood restaurant. I think seafood is one of the most decedent ways to celebrate, so I am thrilled to be trying this place for the first time, surrounded by family, cioppino, and a killer wine menu. Afterwards we will be convening back at our home to savor Mommaw's birthday cake (which I am thinking will be lemon cake with raspberry filling - one of my favorite flavor combinations and such a departure from the cold, dreary weather we have been having as of late.)

The weekend after I will celebrate with my friends by dining at my favorite restaurant in my college home town, Saul Good. Afterwards I am inviting everyone back to my apartment for homemade birthday dessert and coffee. The beauty of this arrangement is that: 1. I have a perfect reason to bake all the sweets I want because I will have all these wonderful friends to savor them with me, 2. I have all day Friday to prepare for such a festive event, as I don't have classes on Friday's this semester - heavenly.

I have been doing a lot of cookbook, blog, and recipe reading to decide which desserts I would like to make, and in the brainstorming process my roommates suggested a fruit pizza. An interesting option, and as I had never made one before, I wanted to give it a test drive. Let me tell you, they are every bit as fun to make as they are to eat!

Basic no-roll sugar cookie recipe that I used half for the pizza "crust" and the other half was dedicated to actual cookies to throw in the freezer for an occasion where sweets are necessary.

Pizza sauce - made of whipped cream cheese and fluffy sweetened cream cheese to lighten the frosting.

The final product! Pretty right?

Glazed here with a little melted honey to make it pretty.

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