Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh YES I did make that a Sandwich

Long time no blog y'all! I have four exams last week, one on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so needless to say I have had my head in a textbook instead of on my blog last week. I guess that is a necessary evil of college and all (or at least that is what my mom is going to say when she reads this entry.)

Due to all of this studying, I have been having lots of sandwiches this week. They are quick, simple, can be made out of anything in the fridge, and are pretty good at filling the void that tends to grow and grow. I don't know if you any of you have watched the Food Network lately (I am only partially guilty here) but they not too long ago announced the winner of the "Next Food Network Star" title. Jeff Mauro, the self-proclaimed Sandwich King, is now gracing the screens of novice home cooks' televisions educating all about how "You can make any meal into a sandwich, and any sandwich into a meal.Needless to say I have been channeling my inner Jeff this week.

If you are unaware of his methods, here is the quick 411: he concentrates on making sandwiches that will fill you up like a larger plated meal would, but are way simplified and (sometimes) portable. Anything that can (and can't) fit between two slices of bread he has monkeyed into his sandwich concoctions, and I myself have had fun creating and experimenting with the fillers. Maybe that can be y'alls project for this week - forgo the standing over the stove, scrubbing pots and pans, and get creative with sandwiches, however simple or complex you like them.

First off, I have a sandwich that I actually made out of the remnants of a salad I made earlier in the week. I had (past tense unfortunately) a really great herb and nut bakery bread, which served as the perfect vehicle for salmon, goat cheese (which I used as a spread like mayo,) spinach, and sliced strawberries. Talk about meal into a sandwich!

Notice please that no matter how much I am determined to make this meal a sandwich, I still embrace the "paper towel as a plate" college trick.

Second, I have been playing around with various spreads for sandwiches since some other elements are harder to change. So lately it has been low fat cream cheese. Who would have known that this little element would transform a sandwich from "what you make at home" to "what you will pay $7 for at a deli." Seriously! Cream cheese is their secret! Tangy and creamy, just a little goes a long way.

Here I have roast chicken, cucumber, tomatoes, and spinach on whole wheat bread with cream cheese schmere. I have also experimented with guacamole (I am still trying to learn to like avocado guys) and hummus.

And now I am off to make a sandwich with homemade roasted tomatoes and spinach. Yumm! Happy Sandwiching!

P.S I was rooting for Jeff to win all along so ha! Can I pick them or what?


  1. I was totally rooting for Jeff to win as well he's so personable and makes cooking look like so much fun. Your sandwiches look absolutely delightful!

  2. Mmm cream cheese! Have you ever been to an Einstein's Bagels place? They make these yummy sandwiches with the bagel as bread, and use onion and chive schmear. SO GOOD, i wish i had one right now....